3Hello. It is so hot in this part of the world that some people wish to come to office on weekends. You tend to crave for cold food, light meals and loads of lighter moments to survive the day.

So this ice cream came to the rescue on such a hot and sunny day. It is super quick and easy recipe. Chickoo/ Sapota is in season. So go and make this ice cream at home and enjoy.


  1. Chickoo pulp – 1 cup
  2. Condensed milk – 1 can


  1. Blend together chickoo pulp and condensed milk. Check for the sweetness.
  2. Pour the content in ice cream moulds and set it in freezer.
  3. Enjoy after 5-6 hours.

See ya till next time. 1



1Hello. So when I could manage I try to watch movies with my friends (which is not a regular ) and after that if time permits maybe go for lunch or shopping. Now if you ask me to shop, you will mostly find me in the fresh vegetable and fruits section or the cutlery and decoration aisle.

And I am easily tempted by greens and leaves. When I see methi, palak, cheera, pudina I go bonkers. So even if I have already done my grocery shopping, even if there is no more space in my fridge, even if I dread standing in line first waiting to get the bar code stamped and then payment section I still go ahead and buy these. So last time I was shopping I grabbed few greens and then moved to the fruit aisle. Staring at me were these beautiful huge guavas and pears. I just couldn’t stop myself from picking couple of each.

So guava I ended up making finger-licking-good jam. And was wondering what to do about the pear (of course the simpler way would have been to eat them as it is). Hence this recipe. The cinnamon works wonders in this juice. The pear was OMG naturally sweet. No need of additional sugar. My son didn’t like the pulpy juice hence I extracted the juice for him and I have with the pulp. I also added some prunes to give that bite and  extra flavor.


Pear – 2 big

Cinnamon – 1/4 tsp

Prunes – 2-3 (optional)


  1. Peel the pears. (Optional)
  2. Chop and blend it in a blender with cinnamon.
  3. Drop few prunes and serve.

In this hot weather this juice was such a relief. Pear has lots of water hence I didn’t find the need to add additional water. 2


Hello. Today I have very simple smoothie. When you are hungry or when you are thirsty this is perfect in both scenarios. You can use your choice of fruits too. Better to use berry since berries are extremely good for your health. It is hot here and a cold smoothie is what you need to stay hydrated. A short post today since I am running around today with lots on my plate including rest time.


Mulberries – 1 cup

Curd – 1 cup

Honey – 4 tblspn


  1. Blend mulberries, curd and honey in a blender.

I enjoyed it with some plain corn flakes. 2


Good Morning all. The weather is playing hide and seek. This Sunday when I went shopping at 9:30 AM and was waiting to get into an auto when the security personnel (an old uncle) requested me to stand in shadow till the auto arrives. He said this heat is bad for health. And we discussed how it is only 10 AM and it feels hot like it is 12 or 1 PM. But by evening there was a drizzle and black clouds wandering in the sky. That is how the weather is these days.

I wish a little bit rain because there are people complaining of no water in their homes. This year it rained lesser than what was expected. I guess it is a wake up call for all of us to preserve and nurture mother nature.

Hence many of my recipes are weather inspired. It helps me to keep my cool on weekends when I am at home. Watermelons are in season. Watermelon itself has so much water. When turned it into juice with some complimenting ingredients it is a soothing cool drink.

1Here we go,


Watermelon – 1 cup

Sugar/ Honey – 1.5 tblspn

Lemon Juice  – Half a lemon

Black Salt as per taste


Blend together watermelon, honey, lemon juice and black salt.

Serve chilled.



1Hello There. How are you doing? How was your weekend? Sitting in office I don’t realize how hot it is outside. On weekends only I realize how hot it is outside. Ice cream is perfect on these days.

2Pineapple is commonly found in small town and village areas. I usually get pineapple, papaya, ash gourd, green chilly, ginger, yam, etc. from my parents house. Half of the pineapple I used to make pineapple upside down cake. Rest I used to make this ice cream.

It is super simple. Do try it for some home made ice cream.


Pineapple Juice – 1 cup

Thick Coconut Milk – 2 cups

Honey – 5 tblspn (You can use sugar – 6 tblspn)


  1. Mix all ingredients together.
  2. Pour it in ice cream moulds.
  3. Freeze it overnight. (5-6 hours)

Enjoy this pineapple- coconuty ice cream. 5


2Holla. How you doing today? Its already Friday. Yipee. TGIF. Remember I got lovely mulberries from my cousin. Well I used it up three ways – Mulberry Jam, Mulberry Smoothie and Mulberry pancake. I wish I could get these beauties everyday. Berries very healthy for you. It is said to consume these fruits everyday.

Kids love pancakes and this is a good way to make them eat fruits. I believe it will also go well with any other type of berries, oranges and even kiwi.


Flour – 1 cup

Sugar – 2tblspn

Baking Powder -2 tsp

Milk – 1cup

Salt – a pinch

Mulberries – 1/4 cup crushed

Butter – 3 tblspn + extra while serving

Egg – 1


  • Melt butter in a pan.
  • Take a bowl and add egg, sugar, milk and butter and beat till it is slightly fluffy.
  • Add in flour, salt and baking powder and mix so no lumps form.
  • Mix in crushed mulberries and mix well. 1
  • Heat a tawa/griddle and once hot grease it with butter. (if using non-stick then no need)
  • Pour a ladle full of batter on tawa and slightly spread in round form. (If you are unable to spread no worries)
  • Cook on medium and when bubbles form on top flip the pancake to cook on other side.
  • After a minute remove from griddle and repeat the same process to make more pancakes.
  • Serve the pancakes with syrup, jam, butter, fruits or honey.

Soft, fluffy and light pancakes are ready to be stacked up. 🙂 4


1Hello All. How you doing today? The weather is getting stranger day by day. When we were kids there were only 4 seasons – Winter, summer, monsoon and spring. But these days it is ‘Not so cold winter’, ‘Sunny and hot summer’, ‘Rain whenever monsoon’ and ‘No bloom spring’. But who am I to complain. I am part of that civilization that likes to live an urban life. The environment balance is gone due to urbanization.

However, I am doing my bit in bringing back the balance. Like many out there among you, I am also trying to save electricity, water, trying to grow few of my veggies, etc. If we do our bit and teach the future generation to care then only we can give a better world for them.

Coming to today’s post it is a quick juice that not only quenches your thirst but also is nutritious. Oranges are in season and I plan to make maximum use of it. I am not a very big fan of oranges. Maybe because unlike other fruits you cannot predict with this fruit if it will be sweet or sour. The problem with citrus fruits is just that. It may or may not have sweetness. Weekend afternoons are very hot. I prefer to feed my family with some juice to cool them down.


Oranges – 2 medium

Lemon – Juice of 1 small lemon

Mint Leaves – 2 tblspn

Honey – 4 tblspn (My oranges were very sweet. Add more if you like it more sweet)


  1. Blend together oranges, lemon, honey and mint leaves.
  2. Strain and serve with or without ice.

Enjoy this glass of Vitamin C and quench your thirst healthy way. 3


1Hello wonderful readers. Wow. Can you believe its already 10th January 2017. Well I hope you had a awesome start to New Year. You may be wondering where I was and why my blog was silent for so many days. Well I was very much here but was caught up with lots of work and responsibilities. No, I was not resting. In fact just the opposite. My blog called out to me but I just couldn’t post anything. Moreover I wanted the first post of 2017 to be simple, healthy and refreshing. Not the usual stuff. Not the difficult stuff either. But something that everyone can make. Something that yells out “healthy”. Something that is colorful. Something that is peaceful.

This week you will see many colorful posts that are healthy and very quick too. By the way you can find me on Instagram too. Do follow me and stay updated with the latest posts and pictures.

2I got to meet lots of new people and make friends though some training programs. And I was so glad to know that people are now showing interest in growing their own veggies and fruits. Many people are aware of the institutions that support such initiatives. Many are beginners. Some want to start in future. I think the need for eating healthy and pesticide free food is fueling this hobby. I have been gardening from childhood. My parents inculcated this habit from very tender age. Everywhere we stayed we had big gardens. In fact 2 garden – one kitchen and one flower garden. I still have old photos of dad holding the brinjal plant. Everywhere we went curry leaf tree was a regular family member. Those things have been part of me till now. In my small balcony garden I grow aloe vera, palak, amaranth leaves (cheera), mint, holy basil (tulsi) green chilly, curry leaves, coriander leaves, ginger, pineapple etc. along with some other floral plants. Sometimes some plants dry up when we take vacation. But I usually get them back on their green leaves.

Coming to today’s recipe it is a no cook version. It is a good way to eat many fruits at the same time. And very quick to make. And it is satisfying since some fruits are heavy and you do not feel hungry soon.


Corn flakes – 1/2 cup (plain)

Watermelon – 1 cup cubed

Pineapple – 1/2 cup cubed

Apple – 1/2 cup cubed

Orange –  1

Pomegranate – 1/2 cup

Cherry – 2 tblspn

Nuts of your choice – 2 tblspn (I used chopped almonds, chia and sunflower seeds)

Flavored Yogurt/Curd – 1 packet strawberry and mango flavored


  1. Add all the fruits and mix them with the nuts.
  2. Take 2 bowls.
  3. In one bowl add mango flavored yogurt.
  4. Add fruits and top it with corn flakes.
  5. In another bowl add strawberry flavored yogurt.
  6. Add fruits and top it with corn flakes.

Enjoy it for a sunshine and healthy breakfast. The addition of these many varieties of fruits makes it nutritional and heavy.

NOTE: The pictures does not show the fruits as cubed instead they are cut the way they are for presentation sake. 3




1Here we go. The most awaited recipe. The pineapple upside down cake defeated another one of my fears. My office colleagues loved it very much. I was scared to try this recipe in pressure cooker since it involved fruit in direct contact with the pan and not pureed in the cake batter. Hence after much speculation I decided to go for it and wow it was super duper hit.

2People loved the pics. People who tasted the cake gave me good reviews. Some said this was the best cake amongst all the cakes I made so far. Some got inspired to make it at home.

3When you get such good reviews who won’t be motivated to try more. It helps me to keep going. I had prepared this cake at midnight after putting my son to sleep. And my son woke me up at 4 AM. So the next day I was dull and tired. But the awesome feedback, the smiles and the happiness the cake brought to my friends and colleagues compensated all the lost sleep.

4Recipe Source here

5Do try this very simple cake. Yes it is simple. Go ahead. Overcome your fears and hesitation.


Pineapple – 2- 3 pieces

Cherry – 8-10 pieces (i used cherry soaked in sugar syrup)

Flour – 1 cup

Egg – 1

Butter – 100 gm

Salt – 1 pinch

Sugar – 3/4 cup

Milk – 1/2 cup

Baking Powder – 1 tsp

Vanilla Essence  – 1 tsp

For Sauce :

Jaggery – 1/4 cup

Butter –  2 tblspn + for greasing the pan

Water – 2 tblspn


  1. Take flour, baking powder and salt and sift it. Keep aside for use.
  2. Take cake pan and grease it well with butter.
  3. In a pan add jaggery, butter and water and melt everything. Do not boil it.
  4. Pour this sauce in the greased pan.
  5. Place pineapple slices on the sauce.
  6. In the remaining space/ gaps place cherries.
  7. Take pressure cooker and place a stand in it.
  8. Put it on medium flame for heating.
  9. In a bowl beat together butter, sugar and vanilla till fluffy. Takes around 1-2 minutes if beating with hand.
  10. Add in egg and beat till fluffy. Takes another minute.
  11. Add half of the flour and fold in.
  12. Add milk and mix well.
  13. Add remaining flour and fold in the batter.
  14. Pour this batter in the cake pan on the pineapple- cherry pieces.
  15. Place the cake pan slowly on the stand in the pressure cooker with the help of tongs.
  16. Remove the gasket (round black ring) and the whistle from the lid of the pressure cooker.
  17. Close the pressure cooker.
  18. Bake the cake for 40-45 minutes on low flame or till a knife inserted comes out clean.
  19. Once done, remove from cooker and let it cool down completely before removing the cake from pan.


  1. Do not over fill or fill the batter till the rim of the pan. Or else it will rise and burn at the edges.
  2. It is advised to check the cake at around 30 minutes to check if it is done. If not then close it again for 10 minutes.
  3. Be very careful and make use of mittens and tongs whole lowering or pulling up the pan.
  4. My pressure cooker is 5 Kgs hawkins.




1A ball full of plain goodness. A ball full of yumminess. A ball full of flavor blast. A ball full of your everyday needs. That is what this laddoo or balls resemble.

I often buy nuts and dry fruits and make an attempt to have it everyday by getting it in tiffin. 2 cashew, 2 almonds, 2 walnuts, 2 dates. But most often I tend to forget it or do not pack it when in a hurry. This laddos ensure that I have everyday dose of essential nutrients and proteins in just 1 mouthful.

It is very good for kids. You can pack it in their tiffin or place one in their mouth on their way to school. Or you could just have it as a dessert.

This is again a no cook version. You hardly need 10 minutes to make these delicious balls.

Please do try and let me know how it turned out for you. Commenting is super easy. Just enter your name (or anonymous if you do not want to reveal your identity) and your comment and submit. Voila.


Dates – 1/4 cup

Cashews – 1/4 cup

Almonds – 1/4 cup

Raisins – 2 tblspn


  1. Take chopped dates in a blender and blend.
  2. Add chopped nuts and raisins in the blender and blend.
  3. You will get a coarse mixture.
  4. Take it out in a plate and start making balls.

Done. Super simple right. You can add your choice of nuts. If you want added sweetness you can add 1 tblspn of honey.

My office friends loved it. Hope you will too.4


2We all know Oat is the new ‘in’ thing in food these days.People are experimenting with oats recipes and finding new flavors for it to be incorporated in our daily lives. Have you heard of overnight oats. This involves no cooking of oats. Instead oats is soaked in curd overnight for it to cook and sort of ferment. Then it is served in variety of ways using different types of milk, syrups, fruits, etc.

This recipe is very quick to prepare, healthy and fills you up your tummy. This way of cooking oats gives a different texture and taste to the oats. You may ask whether it is cooked. Yes and it is easily digestible. Do try and see if you like the taste.


  1. Quick Cooking Oats – 1/2 cup
  2. Coconut milk – 1 cup
  3. Curd – 1 tbsp
  4. Ripe Mango –  1
  5. Chia Seeds – 1 tbsp
  6. Honey – 2 tbsp


  1. Soak half cup oats in half cup water and 1 tbsp curd.
  2. Mix together chia seeds and honey to this and keep it closed on counter top or refrigerate overnight.
  3. Next morning, add coconut milk and mix well.
  4. I also added a little mango puree.


  1. You can use any milk like soy milk, cow’s milk, etc.
  2. You can refrigerate it if you fear your curd will turn sour.
  3. You can add chopped nuts and dry fruits of your choice3


1Please don’t judge this recipe as “difficult” or “out of the world ingredients” by the name. I am saying because if you had mentioned this title to me around 3 months back I would have rejected it outright giving any or both the above reasons.

But I assure you this is super simple recipe – read 10 minutes maximum. I assure you this is super healthy recipe – read healthy yogurt bacteria with your favorite nuts and fruits. I assure this is easy recipe – read readily available ingredients. I assure you this is perfect snack to fight quick hunger – read tummy full and happy.

Let me get straight on to it. Promise me you will try or else you will be missing on a lot.


Flavored Thick Curd or Yogurt – 2 packs (I used store bought mango yogurt & strawberry yogurt)

Chopped nuts of your choice – Almonds/ Cashew/ Walnut

Fruits of your choice – I used banana and pomegranate


  1. Take a glass.
  2. Layer the bottom of the glass with yogurt say strawberry first.
  3. Now layer of fruits say banana.
  4. Next layer with yogurt this time say mango.
  5. Now layer with pomegranate.
  6. Now layer with your chopped nuts.


  1. You can drizzle honey if you want extra sweetness.
  2. You can use any many layers of fruits and nuts as you want. But it will be heavy so simple will be good.
  3. You can also crumble biscuits or corn flakes for the crunch.
  4. Take chilled yogurt if you like it cold.


Well take a long spoon. Put it right till the bottom of the glass. Scoop it up such that a little portion of each layer comes out. Put this heavenly bite right into your mouth and enjoy. 6