IMG_2587Hello there.I know many of my reader’s have small kids and they are looking for exciting and yummy recipes which is healthy as well. Although I try to include variety of recipes I love posting kids recipes.

Today’s recipe is a quick, healthy and delicious recipe that you can feed your kids when they are under the weather. There is no added white sugar and totally yumm. I don’t like to have dates as it is. Hence, I find ways to include it in recipes be it chutney or cakes.


Broken wheat – 2 tblspn

Dates – 6-8 pitted and chopped (I used Doha dates – the soft ones)

Apple – 1 peeled and chopped

Cardamom powder – a pinch (optional)


  1. In a pressure cooker add washed broken wheat, dates and apples with 1.5 cups of water.
  2. Pressure cook for 1 whistle and let it cook on low flame for 5 minutes.
  3. Switch off and let the steam settle.
  4. Once cooled blend everything in blender. Add cardamom powder and serve.


  1. You can add milk.
  2. You can also add ghee.
  3. You can add fried nuts.

But if your aim is to feed a sick kid with easy to swallow and digest porridge then skip the variations points. IMG_2589



1Did I say Cute? Well these are cute. Just look at them. And sooooooooo much nutritious. It is just grab and go. Kids and adults everyone will like it. And it does take much of your time.


You can make this in advance and pop it in fridge. Easy and quick to prepare when you have guests at home. Cut into star shapes if planning to give it to kids. The sprinklers itself is enough to attract kids.If you haven’t planned anything for dessert for Christmas lunch then try these.


Dates – 1 cup (pitted and chopped)

Chopped Nuts – 3/4 cup ( I used equal quantities of almonds, cashew and melon seeds)

Edible Sprinklers – 1-2 tblspn (Optional)


  1. Take chopped nuts in a blender and blend it coarsely.
  2. Add the chopped dates and blend it so everything is mixed up properly.
  3. In a tray spread a cling wrap.
  4. Place the mixture from the blender inside and spread it out evenly.
  5. Place it in fridge for 2-3 hours.
  6. Take it out of the fridge and pop the content out onto cutting board.
  7. Cut into desired shapes and sprinkle sprinklers on them.

Tada. There you go. Your grab and go snack. Pack it in your kids tiffin or wrap it in cling wrap and have it while travelling.




1India is famous for its snack items especially chat items. And the thing that makes the chats click is the chutney that goes in it. Be it samosa or kachori or bhel puri or pani puri or dahi wada….and the list goes on. You get my point…my aim is to tempt you to make this sumptuous chutney which is not only healthy because it includes dates but also finger licking good.

I go weak on my knees for this chutney. It is sweet, spicy and tangy. You can have it with the above mentioned items or just spread it over your roti or bread or enjoy it with your pakodas.


Dates – 8-10

Jaggery – 1 cup

Tamarind – 1/2 cup

Roasted cumin powder – 1/2 tblspn

Cardamom powder – 1 tsp

Chilly Powder – 1/2 tblspn


  1. Take a pan and add chopped dates, jaggery, roasted cumin powder, chilly powder, tamarind and cardamom powder with a little water.
  2. Let it boil and cook the dates.
  3. Once the dates are cooked bring it off flame and cool it.
  4. In a blender, blend the whole thing.

You will get a luscious dates chutney, gorgeous colored dates chutney. Store it in air tight container in fridge.


  1. You can also add dry ginger powder and amchur powder if you like.
  2. Increase or decrease the spiciness based on your taste.
  3. Since dates are already sweet increase or decrease the jaggery based on the type of dates you choose and your taste.