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Do you know Makhana? In my place very few people are aware of what a makhana is. Makhana, also known as Fox Nuts or Lotus seeds are very healthy seeds that is very good for all. In north India is it commonly known as fasting food. It is also high in fibre and hence aids in weight loss. Do read up on the advantages of Makhana and try to incorporate it in your diet. If you follow my Instagram or Facebook stories, you would know that I eat Caramelized Makhana as my snack in office.

Makhana is bland in taste. It does not have a taste of its own. You also need to roast the makhanas for it to become crisp. Kids will love it and consider it as popcorn. Go on. Do try Caramelized Makhana recipe and let me know if you liked it.

Caramelized Makhana


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I believe if you are prepared then you won't eat unhealthy. Only if you carefully plan and prepare for what you have to eat only then you can avoid junk or binge eating. When you plan well you know what to eat and then you buy and prepare accordingly. Today's post is just that. Healthy eating. This ingredient is commonly used in north India especially during fasting. Caramelized Makhana is just like caramelized popcorn. So the kids will love it too. It is sweet and crispy. Makhana is usually found in all major hypermarket or in nuts and dry fruits store.
Caramelized Makhana
Cook Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Caramelized Makhana
  1. In a pan take makhana.
  2. Roast it on low flame for around 2-3 minutes.
  3. Add a pinch of salt and mix well.
  4. Keep roasting. Take a makhana and crush it between your fingers. If it crushes and gets powdered then it is roasted completely. If not then continue till this happens.
  5. If roasted add 1 tblspn sugar and mix.
  6. After a minute mix again. You will notice that the sugar when comes in contact with the hot pan dissolved and forms a brown caramelization.
  7. Add another tblspn sugar and mix again. Repeat the process till the sugar is finished or till your desired amount of caramelization is reached. I added very little sugar because I don't like much sweet.
  8. Switch off the flame and let it cool. Store it in airtight container.
    Caramelized Makhana
Recipe Notes
  1. Only after makhanas have roasted completely, start adding the sugar.
  2. Do not touch the caramelized makhana when hot.  You may burn your fingers. Wait till it cools down.


Hey There. A very quick post today. Its a very busy weekend and am literally running out of time not to forget unexpected problems popping up. Today’s recipe of Bread Milk Nuts balls are from my teenage days when mom tried this recipe and it became a hit. So during exam preparation time to satisfies between meals hunger mom used to prepare some snacks and store it. She knew if I am hungry I will enter the kitchen to prepare something thus loosing some precious study time. Hence she used to prepare murukku, sweet mixture, achappams, banana chips, etc. This came as a result of trial and error recipe. I have added my health twist to it and loved it. It is perfect for kids snacks and finishes your leftover bread. Do try and let me know how it turned out for you. I would love to hear from you. I will feature your pics in my facebook and instagram stories if you share your wonderful dishes tried from my blog.


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As the title suggests, Bread Milk Nuts balls, have the goodness of milk and nuts. I have used almonds since it is the least consumed nut in my house. Finish your leftover bread with this fried snack that goes very well as tiffin box snack idea.
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
  1. Powder the bread slices in a blender
  2. Add the almonds, cardamom, sugar and blend again
  3. Keep the oil for frying in low heat
  4. Take the blended mix in a plate and add 1 spoon of milk at a time and mix.
  5. Mix and try to make balls of it. Add only as much milk for it to stay together.
  6. Once the balls are ready deep fry them till brown from outside.
Recipe Notes
  1. I used white milk bread which is already sweet. If using wheat or brown bread increase the sugar as per your taste.

2. You can also try frying them in appe pan hence not deep frying.

3. Add some raisins if you feel like.

Chocolate Almond Date Balls

Hello. You know I feel that current times, we are so overwhelmed with information that it sometimes plays to a disadvantage. Like for instance the super foods or energy bites (like today’s recipe Chocolate Almond Date Balls)  or even green smoothies. Agreed, that these recipes were developed to fit into our ever changing and fast lifestyle. But somehow trying to catch up with the every changing trends is taking a toll on our health too. Having said that I also read an article in Vogue that Millennial are more health driven and conscious of what goes in their body.

I am not an expert or a nutritionist. I am just a plain mother who tries to give my child what my mother taught me and also learn from the current food/ nutritional needs. I am personally not a fan of almonds or dates. I am more driven towards walnut. But kids, they like only cashews.  They will not entertain nuts in any form. The advertisement that is shown on TV of giving your child soaked, peeled almonds in the morning, well, it does not work. At least not with my kid.

Of course when i saw this trend of energy balls I knew that this is it. Although I already have a protein bar recipe with sprinkles in this blog (check here). Even for this recipe there is only 70 percent chances of my little one enjoying it as healthy snack since it is too sweet (Thanks to dates and honey). So kids who are more inclined towards spicy snacks mothers you need to dig in more.

Chocolate Almond Date Balls


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Chocolate Almond Date Balls
Chocolate Almond Date Balls are these cute balls of overloaded but natural sweetness. These were created for my little one's school party. It is made with not so favorite nuts - almonds. Since it has chocolate flavor chances are that sweet loving kids would love these balls. Plus it is good for elders too. Makes for an healthy and easy grab it snack. Make it over the weekend (spare only 30 minutes) and store it for good 4-5 days (that is if it stays that long).
Chocolate Almond Date Balls
Prep Time 20 min
Prep Time 20 min
Chocolate Almond Date Balls
  1. Take almonds in blender and blend it coarsely. Careful not to blend too much or it will become butter.
    Chocolate Almond Date Balls
  2. Now add in pitted dates, honey and chocolate spread.
    Chocolate Almond Date Balls
  3. Blend it.
    Chocolate Almond Date Balls
  4. Now grease your hand with little oil and make small balls. Don't make it too big as it is heavy on stomach.
    Chocolate Almond Date Balls
  5. Done. Your Chocolate Almond Date Balls is ready. Pack it up or store it in fridge.
    Chocolate Almond Date Balls
Recipe Notes
  1. Instead of chocolate spread (which is already sweetened) use cocoa powder. I didn't have it in hand hence used spread.
  2. Don't use strong flavored oil for greasing your hand like coconut or even ghee. Sunflower will be good.
  3. Roll the balls in your choice of flavors. Few examples - Dry coconut, sprinklers or even nuts.


Hello There. So most often I make sandwiches. And I like to experiment with the stuffing. I do not stick to same stuffing. And I try to include the most neglected but healthy ingredients.

20170628_071143 - CopyCheck out my other sandwich recipes – Caramelized apple cheesy sandwich, Beetroot carrot potato sandwich & potato peas sandwich

Today’s also I am posting a sandwich recipe.


Beetroot – 1 small

Carrot – 1 large

Apple – 1 large

Butter – 2 tblspn

Sugar/ Palm Sugar – 1 tblspn (Optional)

Cardamom powder – a pinch


  1. Peel and cut carrot and beetroot into big pieces.
  2. Cook them in water.
  3. Grate them.
  4. Grate apple and keep aside.
  5. In a pan heat butter.
  6. Add the grated carrot and beet and mix well.
  7. Add the sugar if required and cardamom powder.
  8. Mix well till the mix has come together. It should be thick paste like consistency.
  9. Take it off the stove and mix grated apple in. (I didn’t add sugar since my apple was sweet enough).
  10. Take a bread piece. Apply butter on one slice of bread.
  11. Spoon the mix on one side of the bread and spread evenly.
  12. Close with another buttered slice of bread.
  13. Toast it in a sandwich maker.

Enjoy it hot or pack it for tiffin.20170628_072856 - Copy



2Hello. You know we humans face so many emotions. One such emotion is the emotion to denial. When something changes, we all fall in denial mode. And that’s because we are so much used to being in our comfort zone that our mind refuses to accept any changes. We really need to train our mind to handle the change. For instance a traveler never goes out thinking he/she will have a smooth planned day. There are bound to be unseen circumstances, risks, surprises and sometimes challenges.

There is another kind of denial. Denial for things that you may not have liked earlier. A kid may not like bitter gourd when he/she was a kid but as they grow up they may take a liking towards it. But without trying how will he/she every know ? Hence it is important to test your denials.

Today’s recipe surprised me. We usually try to bring home made food for our lunch and snacks. So my colleague had got this for her evening snack. But she opened it around noon and we all finished it within 5 minutes. I had never tasted this dish before. Also, I don’t like kozhukatta (basic version is made as steamed rice dumplings with coconut+sugar+cardamom stuffing). But this dish was an exception. What stood out with this recipe was the chilly chutney. The chutney is the most basis, flavorsome and simple.

Do try this recipe and let me know how it turned out. Ohh and it is super healthy since it is just steamed.


For Kozhukatta:

  1. Rice Powder – 1 cup
  2. Cumin/Jeerakam – 1 tsp
  3. Salt to taste

For chilly chutney:

  1. Chilly powder – 1 tblspn
  2. Salt to taste
  3. Coconut oil – 2-3 drops to combine


  1. Boil 2 cups water.
  2. In a bowl take rice powder, jeerakam and salt.
  3. Add hot boiling water little by little on the rice powder and mix with a wooden spoon.
  4. Continue mixing till it comes together. Remember to add water little by little.
  5. Once the dough is cool enough to handle use your hands to make a small dough.
  6. Pull out small balls out of the dough.
  7. Steam these balls till cooked.
  8. For the chutney mix together chilly, salt and coconut oil till it comes together.

Serve them both or take them for your evening snack. Remember the chutney is just to add a taste. Do not take a large helping of the chutney or your tongue with burn with the chilly.1




1Hey There. How is it going ? Well we have been in and out of sickness. The official sickness season is here and can expect one or the other in the family to be sick. So currently, I can’t hear properly from one of my ears, my nose is gone on hartal and does not smell anything, my voice is more like croaking and every muscle is refusing to co-operate with me in my daily chores.

Anyways moving on today’s recipe. When I saw this recipe on my friend blogger’s news feed I immediately wanted to try it for 3 reasons. Firstly it is like a fusion of wada pav. Except the wada need not be fried here and instead it is stuffed and baked. Secondly, it is a snack in itself. You do not need anything else to go with. Okay you can have it with ketchup but that’s it. Third and most important. It is not completely maida instead it is mix of both maida and wheat buns. Good isn’t it?

So make it, bake it and enjoy it.

3RECIPE SOURCE – Click here


Wholewheat flour – 1 cup

All purpose flour – 1 cup

Instant yeast – 1 tbsp

Salt – 1 tsp

Sugar – 2 tbsp

Lukewarm water (approximately) – 1 cup

Olive oil – 2 tbsp + more to brush.


Potatoes – 2 medium (350 gm), boiled, peeled and mashed

Oil – 1 tsp

Cumin seeds – ½ tsp

Ginger garlic paste – 1 tsp

Turmeric powder – ¼ tsp

Chilli powder – ¼ tsp

Garam masala powder – ¼ tsp

Amchoor powder – A pinch

Chopped coriander leaves – 2 tbsp

  1. First let’s prepare the bun dough. Mix the dry ingredients. Add water slowly and knead to a smooth dough. Add the olive oil and knead to incorporate.
  2. Transfer to a clean oiled bowl,close  and allow it to double in size, around one hour.
  3. In the meantime, let’s prepare the stuffing.
  4. Heat oil in the saucepan and crackle the cumin.
  5. Fry the ginger garlic paste and saute till raw smell leaves.
  6. Add the mashed potatoes. Add turmeric,chilly, garam masala and amchoor powders and give it a good mix.
  7. Add salt.
  8. Allow to cook on low flame for five minutes.
  9. Mix in the coriander leaves and switch off. Allow to cool.
  10. Once the dough has doubled, punch down and knead for another couple of minutes.
  11. Grease a baking pan and set aside.
  12. Divide the dough and the filling into six portions.
  13. Slightly roll one dough portion into a circle. Spoon in one portion of the filling and shape into a bun. Place it on the greased pan.
  14. Repeat with all the buns and filling.
  15. Brush the top of the buns with some oil. Cover and allow it to proof for 25 minutes.
  16. Meanwhile preheat the oven to 180 degrees.
  17. Bake for 25 minutes until the top looks golden brown and is smooth to touch.
  18. Pull out the buns and brush on the top with little more oil while still hot.

Serve hot with ketchup or even tamarind chutney.




2Hey There. Its lovely rains in this part of the world. The weather is cooler. The trees are bathing everyday. Washed clothes are begging for some sunlight. So with this weather its time for deep fried goodies. Why don’t a add a healthy twist.

Today’s recipe is just that. Palak wada is your usual wada with the goodness of palak.


Palak – 1 cup chopped

Urad dal – 1 cup soaked minimum 3-4 hours

Green chilly – 1

Shallots – 2-3

Black Pepper – 1 tsp (Optional)

Oil – for deep frying

Salt to taste


  1. Take chopped palak in blender and blend.
  2. Add soaked urad dal, shallots, green chilly, salt and blend. Add little water if required. Blend till a smooth batter is formed. 1
  3. Add whole black pepper and mix well.
  4. Heat oil for deep frying.
  5. Take spoonfuls of batter and drop it in oil. If you can shape it like wadas well and good.
  6. Fry till both sides turn golden brown.
  7. Drain on tissue or soaking paper.

Enjoy with a chutney of your choice. 3




Hey There. So how have you been ? When I watch food shows and they show a whole variety of sandwiches but I wonder if our taste buds would love those sandwiches with bacon, meat, different kind of cheese and veggies.

I try to include veggies in my sandwiches. So the veggies that are usually ignored I try to include them in pastas and sandwiches. Do try out this recipe and let me know if you liked it.


Bread Slices – 8

Boiled mashed potato – 1/2 cup

Cooked grated carrot – 1/2 cup

Cooked grated beetroot – 1/2 cup

Cumin powder – 1/4 tsp

Pepper powder – 1/4 tsp

Black salt – as per taste

Grated cheese – as per taste

Butter – for greasing


  1. Mix mashed potato, beetroot and carrot in a bowl.
  2. Add cumin, pepper and salt.
  3. Take bread slices and spread a little butter on each slice
  4. Place the stuffing in between two slices.
  5. Add grated cheese.
  6. Cover with second slice of bread.
  7. Place it in sandwich maker and grill till nice, crispy and golden.

Serve hot with some ketchup. 2



3Hello There. So it started raining here. And God knows we need it. I remember those days when during monsoon my brother used get hot samosas and kachoris with tamarind chutney from nearby shop. It came from a very small shop that was also the owner’s house. I still recall the taste of those samosa and kachori taste on my palate.

Maybe I should try making samosa and kachori one fine day. However for now it is this soft mung dal pakode for your tea time snacks. I had packed some for my tiffin box as well.

Do try and let me know if you like it.


Green gram (moong dal) – 1 cup soaked in water

Fennel seeds (saunf) – 1 tsp

Green chilly – 1 -2

Ginger – ½ inch piece

Coriander leaves – 2 tblspn

Mint leaves – 2 tblspn

Salt to taste


  1. Heat some oil for deep frying
  2. Coarsely grind moong dal with little water and other ingredients.
  3. Drop spoonful of batter into hot oil and fry till golden brown.
  4. Drain it on tissue paper.

Serve with tamarind chutney or green chutney or ketchup. Or you can serve it with all three. 😛2






2Hi. How have you all been? I know I have been away from blogging from a long time now. There are many reasons behind it but nevertheless what more better day to return than on Mother’s day.

My mother is the strongest lady I know. The fact that I am here is because of her love, hard work, dedication and care despite all the odds we have been through. I guess every child would say the same thing for his/her mother and they should.

You know what I have realized. I am doing or saying those very things that my mom used to say to me and I got irritated. I guess its genes. But all the things mom said and everything she did seemed so correct and logical now. She is a real inspiration to me.

Today’s recipe is based on one of the lunch box dishes she made. On busy days she used to make stuffed chapathi with sweet coconut filling. This recipe is twist on the same. It is easy to gulp down in case of sore throat too. It is almost like a dessert. Perfect healthy recipe for kids.


Wheat flour – 1 cup

Sugar – 2 tblspn

Grated coconut – 1/2 cup

Jaggery –  4 tblspn

Cardamom powder – 1/2 tsp

Milk (Optional)

Honey – as required

Salt a pinch

Oil for greasing pan


  1. In a bowl whisk wheat flour, milk (or water), sugar and salt and make a thick batter.
  2. In another bowl take grated coconut, cardamom and jaggery and mix well.
  3. Heat a non-stick pan.
  4. Grease it with oil or ghee.
  5. Pour a small ladle of batter and spread by rotating the pan. It should be thin as crepes.
  6. Flip over to cook other side.
  7. Add the coconut stuffing in and fold the crepes.
  8. Place it on a plate.
  9. Drizzle over honey or choco syrup.


Happy Mother’s Day. 1



4Hey There. A real quick post today. Rain is playing hide and seek. So whenever it rains make this quickie snack if you are at home. Well I made this snack for my little one’s lunch and since we were on team outing I took it for my friends too. Use your leftover bread for this snack.


Sweet Bread – 4-5 slices

Rice Flour – 1/4 cup

Besan/ Gram Flour – 1/2 cup

Chilly powder – 1/4 tsp

Ajwai/ Carom Seeds – 1/4 tsp

Turmeric Powder – a pinch

Cooking Soda – a pinch

Salt to taste


  1. Take out the bread slices and cut into equal squares. I cut out and discarded the edges too but that optional.
  2. Take rice flour, gram flour, ajwai, chilly powder, turmeric powder, soda and salt and mix well. Add little water to make a thick paste. Make sure there are no lumps.
  3. Heat oil in a kadai for deep frying.
  4. Dip the bread slices in batter. Drop them in hot oil and fry till it is nice golden brown and crisp.
  5. Discard the small batter pieces that might fallen in the oil or it will burn and leave a bad flavor in oil.
  6. Serve with ketchup.

Enjoy. 3



IMG_2421 - CopyHolla. Childhood is such a beautiful phase. Everything is so simple. You learn every minute. You surprise every second. In fact you are not scared to ask for appreciation. You forget the scoldings  you get after few minutes and start over. You don’t hold a grudge against anyone. You smile at every passerby. You laugh out loud when tossed high in air trusting that the person will hold you and not let you fall. You can throw a tantrum for what you want and not get mad at.  So you see, childhood is such a beautiful phase. 🙂

Today’s recipe is a kid’s delight. Not that adults can’t have it. It is a very healthy snack so anyone will love it.  Baked french fries with sweet potato.


Sweet Potatoes – 1 cup ( cut thinly in equal sizes – french fries cut)

Mixed dried herbs – 1 tsp (Optional)

Olive oil – 1 tsp

Salt to taste


  1. Preheat oven to 232 degree Celsius for 5  minutes
  2. Line a baking tray with parchment sheet.
  3. In a bowl toss together sweet potatoes, olive oil, salt and mixed dried herbs.
  4. Spread it on parchment sheet in single layer. Do not overcrowd.
  5. Bake it for 20 minutes or till the sweet potatoes are soft and cooked and crispy from outside.
  6. Cool it for 5 minutes before serving with ketchup

Enjoy. 🙂

PS: Did you know sweet potatoes are sack full of goodness. They have disease preventing, cancer fighting and immune boosting benefits. So go on.Google around for sweet potatoes and know for yourself. Its perfect for kids lunch box or evening tea time hunger. IMG_2417 - Copy