Hello There. This is not a recipe post. So if you have come looking for recipe there is none. This is my feelings on how a mother’s love is reflected in her food. On why Maa ke haath ka Khaana is so famous that no matter how far you go you always love coming back to Maa ke haath ka Khaana.

This is again an emotional post for me due to all the feelings that come flooding back. If you are a regular in my blog or follow me on Instagram and Facebook you will know that I recently lost my mother. I have still not recovered from her loss. Food is one of my respite as it connects me with her.

Maa ke haath ka khaana

Anyways, moving on to today’s post, have you given a thought as to why “Maa ke haath ka khaana” is so famous and comforting? Literally translates to “Mom made food” every human being would relate to this thought or feeling. Every mom not only puts in efforts, time and her knowledge in the food she prepares for the family but also puts in lots of love. That love is the crucial factor that adds taste to the food. You don’t believe me? You know how we first eat with our eyes and then with our mouth. Likewise the goodness of the food only contributes to our good health if it is made with love and served with love. Have you heard someone loving outside food every day of his/her life? No one can replace mom but sometimes there are other people who take these roles. And automatically the food plays important role again in such relationships.

Maa Ke haath ka Khaana

Some of the ways mother’s love is reflected in food are:

  1. Extra spoon of homemade ghee or butter – When those parathas are loaded with the goodness of homemade ghee or butter you know that your mom is building up your strength to face this world.
  2. Extra Curry on the dining table – When the whole family is having one curry and you notice another curry lands up on the table and it happens to be your favourite one.
  3. Mixing the Idli batter with hand – Don’t frown. It is said that mixing the Idli batter with hand helps it to ferment better and make soft fluffy Idlis. The heat and the love passed on from mom’s hand into the batter makes the batter ideal for perfect Idlis.
  4. Learning new recipes – How magically she includes your not—so-favourite-veggies in yummy recipes to please your palate as well as making you eat healthy.
  5. Whip up something even though tired to the bone – Her each muscle might be tired and aching but still she manages to prepare delicious dinner in minutes.
  6. A simple dish as dal chawal does the trick – The world cuisine will fail to feel you satisfied but a dal-chawal makes you and your tummy happy.
  7. Professional Cake versus her kheer/ payasam – All the professional and beautifully decorated cakes is one thing. But payasam/kheer/ladoo made by her the best gift in the world.
  8. Spoons can never replace the magic from mom’s hand- Remember those small balls of rice that mom made while serving us. It was not only a mix of rice and curry but warmth and love mixed with each ball.

Do comment if you have some other reflections on your interpretation of ‘Maa ke haath ka khaana’. Would love to hear from you. Happy Mother’s day to all of you. Enjoy ‘Maa ke haath ka khaana’.

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9 thoughts on “MAA KE HAATH KA KHAANA

  1. i always enjoyed mom’s cooking so much that i never waited for the dish to cook fully. Always ended up eating may be 15 to 20 minutes before its cooked. Burned my mouth many times.. always ended up eating 2 or 3 rotis extra.. and always use to ask after every meal what is that she will cook for next meal…

  2. Oh yes! and now I understand the meaning of maa ke haath ka khana better when I see that my son (a toddler) doesn’t want to eat outside and would rather prefer daal chawal (made by me) instead. No one in this world can match the love a mother has for her child. Lovely post, simple in writing but deep in impact.

  3. I’m so in love with your blog, Yeleena. Love your thoughts on “MAA KE HAATH KA KHAANA”, which reflect all of ours too. Mom’s food is ultimate bliss in its own way that is always nourished with her precision, finesse & dollops of care for our health & taste. I came to realize that ever since I got married & moved away from Mom. Looking forward to your recipes & so happy to have stumbled upon this blog! Good work, buddy!

  4. Well, your mom taught you well. You are an inspiration to the many women who try and balance home and career whilst whipping up some yummy healthy food to their families. Good job, and looking forward to trying some of your recipes 🙂

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