Hello There. First of all a big thank you to all for staying with me through all these months while I went awol. In my previous posts I mentioned that my absence from food blogging is not intentional and I am trying to keep up. But circumstances lead me to take a break from blogging for some time. Though I was not so away from Facebook  or even Instagram.

First up, the reason, of why I was away for a while. I do not know how do I even type it because it is so hard for me. Since the last post, my work had increased and so was my personal responsibilities and committments. But this year in February I got the worst shock when my mother passed away. Many of you have known my journey through social media and provided me strength. Much thanks. I shall be forever grateful for your kind words and encouragement.

Coming back to blogging was not the hardest decision. Cooking is integral to me. It is essence of my living. My foundation in cooking was laid by my parents and my mother had a very big role in it. As I gained knowledge in food I could also help her out in her medically prescribed food options (less salt, soups, etc.) and that gave me more insight. So blogging it was. I had to share my knowledge. I have to share what my mother taught me.

The choice of post was simple. Though I went through the pictures for almost 45 minutes deciding which one to choose for a comeback. But as soon as I saw the curd I said “Yeah that’s it”. We always make curd at home. It was one of the initial recipes my mom taught me or let me do. She would heat up the milk and keep it. Then the mixing part was done by me.

When I posted pics and videos of the thick curd I make at home people asked me how do I manage. Honestly, it is not so difficult. The questions were regarding the milk I used, regarding the temperature of the milk, etc.

20180125_164907Let’s go straight to the recipe:


Starter curd – 1 tblspn

Lukewarm milk – 2 cups


  1. Take a tblspn of the curd that you already have (from the shop or homemade) in the container where you want to set the curd in.This is your starter curd.
  2. Whisk it to smooth. (you can use a whisk or a fork)
  3. Heat the milk to lukewarm. Now if I want to give an example it would be the ideal temperature of water that you would bathe a baby.
  4. Pour this milk to the whisked starter curd.
  5. Mix it with the whisk or fork.
  6. Close it and keep it undisturbed for 8 hours. (Depends on the location you are in. After 6 hours if the top has thickened then your curd is ready)


  1. I have made curd with packet milk (cream milk and skim milk) and cow’s milk. Came out well.
  2. Make sure you remove the cream layers from the milk that you pour so you get consistent thick curd.
  3. You can add curry leaves while setting the curd if you have a problem with curd smell.
  4. Once the curd is set you can keep it in fridge if you do not want it to become sour. If you need sour moru curry or pachadi then keep it out for few more hours.


Hope this information is good enough for you to start making curd at home. My aim is for everyone to try enjoying and making good food at home and rely less on outside packaged food. Do share me your pictures of curd in my Instagram handle (yeleenathomasfoodie). Spread the love and share this post to everyone you love. Till next time, stay fit.


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