Hello. Today I am going to talk about a revolution. Ever since mobile app industry started flourishing there are so many apps coming up that caters to our daily needs. Be it online shopping or gaming or travel needs. The food industry is also taken by storm by the mobile app world. One such revolution name is Pinstove.

Pinstove is an app that is easily available in Google Play and Apple AppStore. As nicely put in their website this app provides a facility to order home cooked meals as we like it.

Now why would we order home cooked meals when we can make them at home. Let me cite some reasons for you:

  1. On days when it is raining and you are in a mood to enjoy the rains than to sweat in the kitchen.
  2. On those no-cook Sundays when you desire for that much-needed rest.
  3. On those days when you already have a jam packed schedule of household chores.
  4. On those days when you run out of grocery and crave for malai kofta or a sadya.
  5. On those days when you need to be with your child preparing them for the exam.
  6. On those days when you don’t want to settle with 2 minute noodles.
  7. On those days when you have an interesting movie or match on in TV.


If you are still not convinced about the above reasons then have a look at the wide range of menus that you can choose from. They are neatly categorised for breakfast, lunch, snack time and dinner. Moreover, you can also advance book items likes cakes.

Screenshot_20170805-122206The food is prepared by home chefs. They are people who have years of experience and family secrets associated with their food. They are people who want to provide quality family meals. They are people who like to cook good food and share it. They are people who want to earn an income from what they do every day.

Screenshot_20170805-130645HOW IT WORKS:

  1. You download the app.
  2. Open app.
  3. Register yourself as Pin Diner
  4. Choose your menu/dish. Don’t forget to check the reviews of the chef. It also indicates the spiciness level of the dish.
  5. Make your selection.
  6. Pay via internet banking or any wallet.Screenshot_20170805-124013
  7. Check the status of your Order. It lists the expected time of delivery.

Simple isn’t it? All you need is your mobile and internet to order home cooked food arrive right at your doorsteps.

Screenshot_20170805-123338FEW MORE FACTS:

If you are a chef, then you can register yourself and register yourself as Pin Chef.

You can also register to become a Pin Pilot to deliver food.

You can rate and provide your feedback about the delivered food.

You can order food in advance for a whole week. Also you can provide your ratings of whether you liked the food or not.

Screenshot_20170805-130721MY VERDICT:

I liked the experience. I could do my other work and not be worried about cooking food. Instead of ordering restaurant food I would like to order food from another home. The dishes are not overpriced. The quantity is also good. The dishes that we don’t regularly cook is also available to be ordered. I saw some native snacks that belongs to a particular region up for order. Would definitely try them some other time.


  1. This is a sponsored post.
  2. All opinions expressed here are my own based on my experience.20170805_13510820170805_13504320170805_135037



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