18699844_10155358870968695_7169116557587304432_nLong post alert. The journey of miles starts with a small step.  So one year back on this day I officially kick started by food blog. Yay….so today my blog is 1 year old. Happy birthday. J

I have to accept it has been a roller coaster ride. I didn’t know whether I would be able to keep up with all the responsibilities I had. But my blog and my readers have been very kind, patient and supportive.

So a big thank you to everyone who helped make this blog a success. Some statistics shared below:

Total posts – 180

Views – 11,810

Visitors – 4939

Plus many followers in wordpress, email, Instagram, Facebook page. A big shout out to say THANK YOU. Can’t predict the future but I will try my very best to bring tested, homely and delicious recipes to you.

People have asked me about the peculiar blog name. The reason is simply because I wanted to document my parent’s recipes. My mom and dad both were working and the dishes they put up every day were quick, healthy and yet delicious. They had different kind of struggle yet they ensured that we got proper nutrition and were brought up well.

There are many small big achievements in the last one year with respect to my blogging adventure.

  1. Learnt many new things. Baking which was my ultimate fear was overcome. I am now not only baking cakes but also taking classes.
  2. Never knew I would find a love for food photography. Wish I had started earlier. Anyways better late than never.
  3. Made lots of new friends who readily help and share information.
  4. Was able to inspire a small group of friends to start baking their own cakes and start with pressure cooker.

So you see, this blog has been very kind to me. To all the lovely people who have appreciated, commented, provided feedback, liked, followed my efforts – THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Please continue your support and appreciation.

Note: The pic I used is the cake we made during the baking class I took for my friends. Coincidentally, my birthday was the next day of this class. Hence the naming on the cake 🙂

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