1Hello All. How is your Saturday going on? Weekends means double the work isn’t it? Especially for a mother there are no holidays.

Few days before in Instagram and Facebook I had shared my ghee picture. And many of you had asked for recipe. I got delayed by some commitments. Hence posting it today.

Ghee is a simple science. But it is no artificial science. My parents made ghee at home. We used to get cows milk at home and we never wasted the cream. Even now they sometimes get ghee for my son. Ghee is now considered super food. And it is recommended to use it. Especially for kids it is considered very healthy.

You need to collect cream from milk for almost a month so you get at least half a kilo of ghee.


Full Fat milk


  1. Boil milk.
  2. Once cooled take the cream and store it separately.
  3. Store the milk in fridge.
  4. After 8 hours or so, collect the cream again from the top layer.
  5. Likewise collect after every refrigeration and boiling.
  6. After a month when you have enough cream pour the cream in thick bottom kadai.
  7. Bring it a boil.
  8. Keep stirring in between with a slotted spoon (thick handle spoon with holes )or else it will stick to the bottom of the kadai.
  9. The cream will all melt and dark brownish substance will start forming.
  10. Keep mixing and mixing.
  11. This continues for 20-30 minutes.
  12. Keep mixing till you cannot see the white cream anymore.
  13. Now all you can see is the dark brown substance and no cream at all.
  14. Switch off the flame.
  15. Move the brown substance to the side of kadai.
  16. The ghee will start collecting to the other side of the kadai.
  17. Once completely cooled pour the cooled ghee in a air tight container.


  1. Keep your required amount of ghee in another air tight container for your daily usage.
  2. Rest ghee should be kept in fridge for longer usage. 3

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