1Please don’t judge this recipe as “difficult” or “out of the world ingredients” by the name. I am saying because if you had mentioned this title to me around 3 months back I would have rejected it outright giving any or both the above reasons.

But I assure you this is super simple recipe – read 10 minutes maximum. I assure you this is super healthy recipe – read healthy yogurt bacteria with your favorite nuts and fruits. I assure this is easy recipe – read readily available ingredients. I assure you this is perfect snack to fight quick hunger – read tummy full and happy.

Let me get straight on to it. Promise me you will try or else you will be missing on a lot.


Flavored Thick Curd or Yogurt – 2 packs (I used store bought mango yogurt & strawberry yogurt)

Chopped nuts of your choice – Almonds/ Cashew/ Walnut

Fruits of your choice – I used banana and pomegranate


  1. Take a glass.
  2. Layer the bottom of the glass with yogurt say strawberry first.
  3. Now layer of fruits say banana.
  4. Next layer with yogurt this time say mango.
  5. Now layer with pomegranate.
  6. Now layer with your chopped nuts.


  1. You can drizzle honey if you want extra sweetness.
  2. You can use any many layers of fruits and nuts as you want. But it will be heavy so simple will be good.
  3. You can also crumble biscuits or corn flakes for the crunch.
  4. Take chilled yogurt if you like it cold.


Well take a long spoon. Put it right till the bottom of the glass. Scoop it up such that a little portion of each layer comes out. Put this heavenly bite right into your mouth and enjoy. 6



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