2This is not a recipe at all. But I wanted to post this since it is a regular at my home. And when we have guests at home and this snack is served plate comes back empty. It is a true winner. What more it is a quick and healthy snack. It is a good way to include nuts in your diet. But don’t get addicted to it.

This is a favorite among everyone is know. My family loves it, my brother’s family loves it, kids love it. It tastes much better than raw cashew. And it is said that raw cashew can cause stomach ache in kids. But this roasted one is good to have. My nephew and my son always recall the place where this snack is kept in the kitchen and lead us there so we can hand out some.

It is good option to keep handy for those quick hunger pangs.


Cashews with skin – 1 kg


  1. Roast cashews with skin on low flame for 20-25 minutes till its nicely roasted. Keep stirring so it does not burn.1After it is cooled remove the skin and store it in air tight container.

Your family, guests and kids will love this for sure.


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