Special from Kerala

This post is not for recipes. This post is my gallery of photos displaying the nature treats of Kerala. Hope you will enjoy it.

  1. Kanthari Mulugu – This provides real hotness to the dishes along with a good flavor. Apt for making chutney for kappa (tapoica). These are very small in size and bright red in color when ripe. 8
  2. Chakka (Jackfruit) – Found commonly in almost every house this is a humble vegetable/ fruit. Many types of dishes can be prepared even when raw or ripe. 657
  3. Vazhakumbu (Banana Flower) – There are variety of bananas found in Kerala. Atleast I know 5 varieties and the flower of all these varieties have their distinct flavor. The flower is commonly used to prepare thoran. 34
  4. Mangoes – Well what to say about mangoes. We get variety of mangoes. The raw ones are used in fish curries, vegetable curries and chamanthy. The ripe ones are mostly enjoyed directly but also used in pickles, paayasam, etc.910
  5. Pumpkin – Pumpkin is widely used across Kerala for curries, avial, etc. 1

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